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Hexational Software
Hexational Software
212 Azure Rd | Dahlonega GA 30533 | 678.986.1581

Revolutionary iOS App Development

FrackTor is a great new 2D physics-based action game, similar to the classic Asteroids, but with a math twist! Your ship is armed with prime-number bullets, and each asteroid (Fractoroid) is a whole non-prime number. Fracture them by hitting them with a prime divisor! Hitting a "42" with a "3" bullet will break it into 3 "14"s, and hitting a "14" with a "2" will break it into new prime "7"s - which you can then collect for more ammo! There's a lot more to the game, though -- including snarky trainers, ship features, and tentacled interdimensional aliens to make things a little more challenging! Find it in the App Store: FrackTor

Also, visit the FrackTor Forum for feedback, tips, information, and general discussion!

WildGameTracker is an innovative crowd-sourced iPhone app designed to serve hunters and sportsmen by tracking populations of wild game, such as whitetail deer. Users can snap and upload photos of kills or deer sightings, along with information on weather, time, location, weapon used, and so on. The system then collects counts per county, displaying them on a "heat map" of each state, letting other hunters see in near-real-time where game is being sighted and hunted. A photo gallery is also available, along with other features soon to come! Find it in the App Store: WildGameTracker

Hexational is currently designing a one-of-a-kind app for interactive roleplay gaming, allowing gamemasters to take their existing realms, maps, and systems online using a community of mobile devices. The app will work seamlessly with gaming systems such as Dungeons and Dragons (tm), Pathfinder (tm), GURPS (tm) and other mechanics. Using the concept of shared membership 'Realms' and interactive shared maps, avatars, figurines and actions, the system provides great flexibility and allows the traditional "game table" to be naturally extended out to the world of mobile devices. Look for Realm Portals in the App Store soon!